Gifted DJs Mentors & Principal

 Mmister samMista Sam- Principal

Starting out as a bedroom deejay did not stop Sammy Muhia from pursuing his love for music. While creating deejay mixes for matatus helped pay the bills, Mista Sam, as he came to brand himself, had his sights set on ministering to a bigger audience. Gradual but sure growth saw him earn a spot as a radio show host and deejay before transitioning into the TV industry under the mentorship of Mr. Prime of 6 to 6 Entertainment. A trend setter, Mista Sam introduced Kenya’s first daily gospel TV show: Sifa Mix among other populars through his company, Mista Sam Productions. A decade-long career in the industry allows Mista Sam a great appreciation for growth and dynamism that saw him inducted into the Groove Awards panel. On Gifted DJs, he serves as Principal.


 SadicDJ Sadic- Mentor

Malvin Sande started out as a drummer before the decks came calling. Under DJ Nevs’ wings, he learnt the basics of mixing, music selection and delivery until he was ready to fly off the nest on his own. Now known to East Africa as Deejay Sadic, he is the proprietor of Genius Entertainment which not only manages artistes but trains upcoming deejays at their Nairobi-based campus. While he remains a permanent feature on local television, it is his online footprint that allows him to connect to his ever-growing fan base.



DJ Krowbar- Mentor

After a bit of underground spinning, DJ Krowbar scratched his way into the limelight seven years ago when he won the Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition. Having set off his career on a secular platform however did little to quench Fredrick Karumba’s drive for ministry. Passionate about God’s word and personal mentorship, the 30-year-old has seen his unique style of leadership bear fruit in brands like Kubamba’s DJ GeeGee and Ken the DJ in addition to countless others off the deejay path.



DJ GeeGee- Mentor

DJ GeeGee is one of the most successful self-taught deejays gracing TV today. Putting his Bachelor’s of Commerce degree aside, Daniel Macharia chose the turntables as a full time career and followed through as radio show deejay and host before venturing into television. His years in Mad Love, a forum that gives platform to upcoming hiphop gospel talent for years, saw him walk with new industry entrees and he continues mentor young deejays under the K-Krew Academy stable


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