Where The Real Engagement Begins

    The Recharge will attract more than 35,000 young people on-ground and through media. Each year 16-24 year olds were drawn to the positive and wholesome entertainment experience that The Recharge event created, featuring their favourite gospel musicians and deejays in a drug free and safe environment.

    Concert Marshalls
    Branded concert marshals were positioned at easily accessible points to assist, guide you or address any concerns that you may have at the event.

    Please note that all The Recharge Party concert marshals will be dressed in official The Recharge / Groove attire.

    Bathroom Amenities
    We highly appreciate the importance of these rooms and have taken care to ensure your comfort! There are sufficient clean portable toilets with proper flushes at the venue. The wash rooms also have hand washing facilities.

    Licensed Catering Vendors
    There will be an endless supply of snacks and refreshments throughout the night from licensed catering vendors located at easily accessible points.

    Please avoid buying food from outside the venue as we cannot assure your safety beyond the event grounds.

    Photography, Filming & Sound Equipment
    Unauthorized professional photography or filming equipment is strictly prohibited. Your bags will be searched upon entry to the event and cameras will be permitted at the security team’s discretion.

    Kindly note that in order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all persons at the event, Groove Party reserves the right in its reasonable discretion to conduct security searches of persons, clothing, bags and all other items on entry and exit, to confiscate items which may cause danger or disruption to the Event with no refunds. If you are in doubt about something you might be planning to carry to the event, don’t bring it!

    Video and Sound Recording
    Film cameras may be present at the Event. By entering the event and/or buying a ticket, ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording (which may include you as a member of the audience) and its use in distribution (commercial or otherwise) without any payment.


    There is no re-admission to Groove Party after entry.  Please plan ahead, once you’re in, you’re in!

    Food & Beverages
    No food or drink from outside is permitted at the event, with the exception of water in unopened plastic containers of up to 500ml.

    The only food or drinks you can have at the event at those sold by the licensed catering vendors at the venue.

    Glass Bottles/Items
    Glass bottles and items are strictly prohibited at the event. Kindly ensure you do not have any at the event, in cooperation with the security team.

    It is highly illegal to carry any arms or weapons to Groove Party. Kindly note that all security matters will be handles by a very professional and effective security team. Rest assured you are in safe hands!


    The following items are not permitted:

    Air horns, cans, Chinese lanterns, dangerous or hazardous weapons/items, fireworks, flags, gas

    canisters, glass (of any kind) and other similar items capable of making loud noise, laser pens,

    scooters, skateboards or cans, spray cans are prohibited.

    Illegal, anti-social or disorderly behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to ejection from the

    event.  For the safety of everyone, crowd surfing and crowd dances that could potentially cause

    harm are prohibited.

    Drugs and Alcohol
    Groove Party is a drug free zone. Prohibited items include alcohol, cigarettes and any other drugs. Kindly note that possession of these items will lead to immediate ejection from the venue.

    Please note that pets are highly restricted at the event. This is for the comfort of all Groove Party attendees.

    There will be a team of professional security personnel manning the entrance and distributed throughout the event grounds to ensure maximum security.

    A CCTV system will be in operation at Groove Party, for the purposes of public safety and prevention of crime.

    Emergency Medical Care
    Groove Party always has a qualified emergency medical team on site to handle first aid requirements and determine the best step in case of an emergency.





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